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Mildura Building Group is in the process of developing and costing a series of prestige new home packages, for availability in 2014. Keep an eye on our website and facebook page for more details.

The Design Process

When building your home, your plan is the most essential tool you can provide us with! It is important that your plan reflects the finished product you are trying to achieve both structurally and aesthetically, so the more detail the better! Providing your builder and tradesmen with a detailed and up to date plan will help to ensure that you get the most accurate quote, help your project to run smoothly, and will reduce the risk of costly variations once your contracts have been signed.

Mildura Building Group has a great working relationship with some of Mildura's most experienced and talented draftsman and designers. We encourage people to work closely with these professionals to translate their vision into an inspiring yet practical building design that conforms to all Local Government policies, regulations building codes and Australian Standards.

Once you have purchased your land, there are three main stages in the planning and design process for which MBG offer varying levels of costing options: Sketch Drawings, Preliminary Drawings and full Working Drawings with Engineering Drawings.

Sketch Drawings

For many people, the planning and design journey begins with sketch drawings. At this stage of the process, MBG can offer advice to clients on the size, layout and orientation of their plan, and make suggestions as to how to build the most energy efficient home to fit their vision and budget.

We are able to provide an estimate* at this stage based on an historical pricing for the size of the dwelling, with our standard inclusions.

Preliminary Drawings

After visiting a designer or draftsman to consolidate your ideas, they will be able to provide you with a preliminary drawing. This will typically include a to-scale floor plan and site layout with measurements, a window schedule, and a front elevation of your house.

We allocate an hour and a half to a preliminary sketch consultation designed to explain your plan and create a client brief to begin estimating. This is the ideal stage in the design process to make any of the necessary changes and to put as much detail into your plan as possible, as once your plans are turned into working drawings you may incur extra fees from your designer for any changes made. MBG will help you to do this by discussing the following:

  • Positioning of the house on the land
  • Energy rating
  • Slab design and the site cut
  • Explain the lay out and features of the plan including the window schedule
  • Discuss client's vision, style of the house and key features
  • Discuss MBG's standard inclusions
  • Recommend client meets with a cabinet maker

We are able to provide a more detailed estimate* at this stage based on these points, which will be subject to change once working drawings and engineering drawing have been provided.

Selections Consultation

We highly recommend attending our selections consultation at this preliminary drawing stage, for and in-depth discussion on internal and external finishes, lighting and cabinetry. These are the features that will inject your home with personality and your own style, and are often the cause of variations down the track. We recommend clients schedule an appointment with their preferred cabinet maker prior to our selections consultation, as there are many components outside of a standard cabinetry estimate that clients may not be aware of.

Our aim at this consultation is to explore your style and build an estimate based on the finishes and fixtures you want, so we can give you the most accurate costing of your home.

Working Drawings

At working drawings stage, you're in the best position to get an accurate costing of your house and to begin building your home! Working drawings will give you the following essential information:

  • A fully detailed  to-scale floor plan with a measurements
  • Detailed structural drawings and sections
  • A detailed window and door schedule
  • A detailed slab design with engineering drawings
  • A detailed site lay out showing easements, drainage and seasonal shadow detail
  • Detailed elevations with cladding and roofing materials outlined, ceiling heights and roof pitch
  • Detailed electrical and lighting layout to meet energy rating (required in VIC only)

We allocate an hour and a half to a working drawings consultation to run through our client's plans in detail, and ensure that both parties are aware of the inclusions and exclusions.  The following details will be discussed at this consultation for new clients, and reiterated for existing clients:

  • Positioning of the house on the land
  • Energy rating
  • Slab design and the site cut
  • Explain the lay out and features of the plan including the window schedule and lighting plan
  • Discuss key features and specialty inclusions
  • Discuss and confirm details of selections consultation (or recommend if not already attended)

Once plans have been signed off and approved, we are able to provide a fully detailed and in-depth building quote from the working drawings consultation.

Presentation of your estimate or quotation

You will be contacted by MBG to make an appointment with our builder and estimator to run through the details of your estimate or quote once it has been completed. We will email the costings to your before your meeting to give you time to look over them and compile any questions or changes you may have. We then present the costings to you and discuss the details of the estimate or quote, including our terms and conditions.

*Mildura Building Group will only sign contracts when a quote has been costed from full working drawings, including engineering drawings. It is highly recommended clients not sign contracts based on an estimate or sketch drawing.
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